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Can an Employee be Transferred without Consent?

If you read in detail the fine clauses in your employment letter or your employee handbook, you will find the statement: The Company due to Business reasons, may transfer the employee to any department, function, role or location under its sole discretion.

Generally transfers are the prerogative of the Management or Employer for as long as it's done with fairness and no malice intended. Employers must always approach any transfer plans with caution.

Though it's the right for the employer to transform its staff for their own reasons, it's always good to take the following steps so that the employee too is motivated and happy with the move: 1. Notify the employee in writing with the intent of the transfer and the reasons. It’s ideal for the immediate manager to have a verbal conversation prior to the formal issuance of the letter. 2. Give enough notice for the transfer to take place. Unless of course it's a urgent reappointment, then the employee should have enough time to plan and move. 3. Support the employees move, ie: if the new location is more expensive or requires relocation benefits or the help of a mover or stay on a hotel for several weeks till a permanent home is found. 4. If transfers involve relocation of city or town, consider the inconvenience to the employee’s family and how this could impact the employee’s work performance. 5. Assign a buddy or colleague in the new location or department so the employee can quickly assimilate in the new place.

Transfers can be agonising for some and fun for others, it's good to have open and systemic communication to manage the process. To learn more about HR Consulting, Employee Engagement, email inquires to: #FiringUpPeople #trainingprovider #Transfers #hrdfclaimable


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