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Ask Muse HR: What can you do if your staff constantly make mistakes?

Making mistakes & learning from it is how employees learn & become better in their jobs. However if their mistakes are repeated & is not corrected then what would you do? Especially so if the repeated mistakes or errors cause financial losses to the company.

Here are some tips for Managers: 1. Identify root cause for their mistakes & errors. Address them directly with the staff concern. 2. Retrain the person so they can get a thorough understanding & eliminate possible future errors. 3. Maybe it's a person-job mismatch, get them into a new role so they can perform better. 4. Assign them a buddy or mentor who is far more experienced, so they can be constantly guided & mentored. 5. Place them on Performance Improvement Plans that would give them opportunity and a stern reminder for performance recovery. As they need to know if all else fails, the performance improvement is their last resort & failing which they may be asked to leave.

Managing your staff performance, quality & work can be at times exhausting, but as managers, it's part of our duty. To learn more about Managing People, email inquires to: #FiringUpPeople #trainingprovider #PeopleMgt #hrdfclaimable


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