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Ask HR: How can I improve my Self Awareness?

Being self aware is important, not only at workplace but also within society. It enables us to have sight on our blindspots and keeps us grounded.

The biggest drawback a leader, manager or an employee can have at their work is to be ignorant about what others think or perceive about them. It's always good to have a grasp of ourselves first before judging others around us.

So how can you be self aware? Well one of the greatest tools is to have a 360 degree feedback on yourself. Normally the 360 degree feedback are feedback and views from the following people: 1. Your Manager 2. Your Peers 3. Your Subordinates 4. Stakeholders 5. Clients

Ideally the above list should be a right sized sample who can give you a fair and objective review for improvement. Such 360 degree assessments are available in Muse Asia for you to apply for your team and talents. A comprehensive graphical report is generated of your scores and verbatim of your strength, improvement areas and also suggestions on the start, stop and continue at workplace.

To learn more about your 360 degree assessments and report, email us for details:


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