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Are all your staff a top talent?

We hear very often that "employees are the greatest assets', "all our staffs are stars" and quotes like, "we only hire top talents!" Are these really true?

A point to ponder, if everyone in an organisation is a top talent, then who is doing their jobs? Everyone has some kind of talent, to play music or draw and sing. But the definition of a workplace talent could be slightly different.

A talent is a person who has the aptitude or skill to do something extraordinarily well. In the business context, a talent would be an employee who possesses the potential to drive organisational future growth. Normally a talent performs well in his/her role and yet has huge potentials to do more for the organisation in the future, including being a successor for a senior role.

As leaders, one of our critical tasks is to find "the diamond in the rough", which is to identify the talent to develop and grow them to be someone who can play significant roles in your company. This is why, we conduct Talent Planning discussions at workplace.

To learn more about Talent Management and Succession Planning, email inquiries to:


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