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A Happy Team is a Productive Team

We find ourselves often wondering why some team members stay longer, loyal and productive while others choose to leave in a short span of time. What makes the difference?

We have learnt about Emotional Intelligence, we have learnt about investing on technical and behavioural competencies. But above all that, are your team members feeling good about themselves and the company they work for?

Driving a sense of ownership and belonging is all about motivating your team members to feel inclusive and happy about what they do at work. You cannot pretend to love going to work each Monday beating those horrible traffic jam if you don't find joy in your work. Not for too long.

That's why, we introduce unique and fun based team activities in our teambuilding. Applying a few critical concepts including: 1. Tuckman’s forming, storming, norming, performing stages of group development. 2. Psychological safety, trust and team winning mindset. 3. Fun and engagement as core in the work we do.

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