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What is Office Politics?

Most ordinary people hate or dislike politics, because there is a stigma that it's dirty and unreliable. We blame politicians for being self centered and untrustworthy. They are inconsistent and unreliable too. Few politicians receive credit for sincerity and kindness.

However, without realising, when we are at work, we portray much of the above behaviours. Under the pretext of trying to be politically correct and to be accepted by your bosses and teams.

Office politics is basically your action and behaviours involving competition for status, power or acceptance at your workplace. So, in a way, you are a politician at your workplace! Is that good or bad?

How to manage office politics and stay neutral at workplace? 1. Understand your organizations structure, and be sensitive towards your direct and matrix managers and stakeholders. 2. Define the informal network who may have an influence on you. 3. Make the most of your network within and outside of your comfort zones, build connections with people from all levels. 4. Develop your people skills, being an introvert is not an excuse. 5. Be bold and brave but not naive. 6. Reduce frictions and tensions, be approachable & likeable.

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