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Managing Difficult Employees

As much as some team members find it hard to get to their difficult bosses, there are far too many times where Bosses find it hard to deal with very difficult employees too.

These unmanageable employees are typically generalised into a few common types. Bad attitude, behaviours, skills, cynical, unwilling, lazy or even simply non-cooperative or defiant.

Here are some ways for Bosses to manage difficult workers:

1. Listen to understand why they are being difficult and try to address the root cause.

2. Give clear feedback.

3. Document your conversations, expectations and feedback.

4. Inform clearly of consequences if they fail to improve.

5. Work through performance improvement/recovery process (PIP).

6. Remove or redeploy if they choose not to improve & become bad influence, affecting morale of others.

7. Stay consistent with your expectations and actions.

To learn more about People Management Skills, Performance Management and Dealing with Difficult Workers, email your inquiries to:


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