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Let your EQ deliver your IQ!

Why some people are so likeable, great at their workplace, teams & bosses, while some seem to have challenges in every aspect of their work relationship?

Oftentimes promotions, new opportunities, business travels & recognitions attracts people who have good stakeholder relationship. Though at times, we find ourselves being more competent & capable, the one who has good engagement are selected for such opportunities.

Statistics suggest that 70% of highly successful people are those with EQ vs IQ.

Here are some suggestions how you too can apply EQ at your workplace:

1. Listen attentively to views, ideas, opinions & thoughts of others.

2. Don't be judgemental nor prejudice in others. Everyone brings their own experiences to the table.

3. Be a problem solver & a team player. Don't isolate & be non contributing to solving issues.

4. Greet, wish others, be humble & inclusive.

5. Be a fun person at work. The one who cares for others and is happy to celebrate success of others.

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