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Importance of MBWA and Skip Level Meetings

The primary purpose of the skip-level meeting within an organization is to determine the organization's effectiveness, by getting an honest assessment from employees at all levels.

These meetings are crucial for day to day operations, enabling the manager to remove any roadblocks that are prevalent and raised by the team members.

Here are some tips for Employees and Managers doing skip level meetings:


1. Practice openness and provide constructive feedback for improvement

2. Be willing to challenge the status quo, however do it with the intent for improvement & not complain.

3. Never throw your immediate boss under the bus. You are equally being evaluated by your skip level Manager.


1. Encourage your team members to be open in providing constructive feedback for improvement.

2. Enable phycological safety and create an environment for openness in your department.

3. Take improvement ideas and be willing to make progressive changes where possible and always share updates to the team proactively.

Learn more about Employee Engagement and Psychological Safety, email:


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