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In this challenging times (CMCO), it's critical for Managers to know how best to manage their staff & maintain a positive relationship while managing performance.

A popular example is staff refusing to work from home or staff who refuses to return to work in fear of Covid-19. What can a manager do? Can this be considered as “Insubordination"? How about staff who are NOT willing to consider reasonable job adjustments or transfers to other areas than what they were hired for originally?

Many managers find that they have to make necessary adjustments in their staff’s work arrangements as it's not business as usual now.

So come learn about what can & cannot be done in an eye opening HR for Non HR Managers online workshop. Topics covered include manager’s responsibilities & employee’s accountabilities during CMCO, basic employment law practices, HR Tips, Do’s & Dont’s in managing people during this Conditional Movement Control Order.

Contact us at: for more information about our online training modules.


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