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Are you at risk of hiring the wrong person into the organisation?

The average cost to hire a new Engineer costs up to about USD2500, as it involves not only salary, but the cost of advertisement, interviewing, onboarding & training amongst others.

How long does it take for a new hire to be productive?

We really cannot expect a full performance from the new hire for the first 6 months into the job. After all, it takes about a year for a new employee to be acclimated to an organisation.

The hiring team, the gatekeepers of an organisation’s culture must ensure recruitment is done right. Hiring is not just closing a requisition but to help close the gap in the organisation’s ecosystem.

One of the more effective method is by applying Behavioural Interviewing Techniques. The STAR model helps to look for patterns of behaviours of a potential hire & look at past behaviours instead of asking yes-no questions.

Ultimately, we want to know if the candidate has experienced the situation & can demonstrate if not the same, a suitable action & outcome in the new company.

A combination of Competency Based (Technical) and Behavioural Based (Psychological) interviews will bring about better results in recruitment. This will in turn minimise the risk of hiring wrong into your workplace.

To learn about Competency & Behavioural Interviewing Techniques, send your inquiries to:


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