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FAQ to consider during Malaysia's Restricted Movement Order.

Q1: What is work from home?

A1: You will perform your duties from home.

Q2: Can I go out during my work hours?

A2: Employers would expect you to remain contactable during your work hours.

Q3: Can I go out of my house after work hours?

A3: The government Restricted Movement Order is intended to minimise risk of you contracting you and others with Covid19. So stay home and be safe.

Q4: What would happen if the Government announces further Lockdown or continued Restrictions on movements.

A4: Companies should be in contact with their workers virtually via phone or other means to keep their staff updated on any business directions.

Q5: What if I fall sick (normal illness)?

A5: Visit a doctor and if you are unfit to work and doctor gives you and MC, inform your management.

Q6: If there is an emergency, what do I do?

A6: Don't panic, listen to the authorities and follow the guidelines.

Q7: Where can we get correct information on Covid19?

A7: You can get information from the below link:

Stay away from fake news.



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