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Design Thinking in Crisis

Design thinking is a problem-solving method used to deal with our volatile, uncertain, complex and difficult ambiguous (VUCA) world. Stanford's Institute of Design explains design thinking as a way to understand the environment by challenging assumptions and refining the problems in an iterative process.

In times of crisis such as this, we have to be extra creative in problem solving and in applying design thinking to add value and solutions at our workplace.

Here are some helpful ideas to apply design thinking: 1. Be Human Centric - if you don't understand the people who will be using your solution you're trying to create, it just won't work. 2. Be creative and playful in your approach. Playfulness is the key to evolution. After all, design thinking is a mindset. 3. Be iterative - utilise repetition in a sequence of standard process until you find a breakthrough. 4. Be colloborative - work in groups and brainstorm each idea to unfold possibilities. 5. Be prototype driven - create samples first before applying across the board.

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